Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another great week in Tuxtla!

Hey family! My toe is great! Thanks it actually looks like a toe now! This week was a pretty great week.
Adolfo got sick on Sunday so he couldn’t come to church. I still think he’ll be able to keep his baptismal date for a couple reasons, one, he’s got cancer and he’s old, two he is a BOSS! We went over to visit him Sunday to see how he’s doing and guess what . . . knowing he wasn’t going to be able to make it to church, he had read the corresponding chapters in the Gospel Principles and Teaching of the Presidents of the Church manuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so awesome!!!! He is having a hard time with coffee though, so please have that in your prayers, if he can’t overcome that he is not going to be able to be baptized!
Carmen and her kids Jorge and Angela are doing great too. Carmen really opened up to us and talked about her life story and wow, it is sad and super dramatic. It could be a movie, though it would have to be rated R. She cried as she opened up to us. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ and how baptism cleanses us of our past sins and how we can be comforted. We invited her and her 2 children to be baptized and they all said yes!!! We set a date for the 27th of February! Only Jorge could come to church but their date still stands.
José Luis and his wife Maria were hard to find this week but their kids came to our new English classes!!!!!! We’re going to be visiting them today and set a baptismal date with them too.
Saturday we had an 8 year old baptism! Her mom is a member so it’s not a convert baptism but it was still a great experience.
Sunday we had ward choir practice because were having ward conference on the 31st and guess who the pianist is . . . . yeah, me! And I just want to make it official that I totally regret not continuing with lessons and not practicing hymns on Sundays, because I am finding out I really cannot play well at all. I’m sorry mom for not practicing! YOU WERE RIGHT! So, Lincoln, practice your hymns because when you get your call to Argentina, those people are going to be counting on us greengos to play the piano for them!
It was a good week and a really fast one at that. I’m ready to keep working hard, these last 6 months are my chance to shine! I love the gospel and love the church!
Elder Hunt


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