Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas in Tuxtla

What a fantastic week!
It all started with Domino’s Pizza and Walmart on my first p-day in Tuxtla!
Tuesday was awesome! The zone leaders called us and asked us to go on exchanges with them from 11:00-5:00. Wow. Those guys know how to work. I went with Elder Garcia and we were contacting and teaching like crazy! It was so much fun!

After we ended our exchanges, we went back to our area and some old guy told us he wanted to talk to us. When we sat down with him in front of his house he introduced himself to us. I don’t know how to say it in English but he is really famous in the Catholic Church who travels the world to do catholic things. From the way he explained it, I think his assignment in the Catholic Church is like a member of the Seventy in ours. Anyway he told us "I just want to talk to you guys because I love what you do". . . . ha! Lol! All the guy really wanted to do was to bash with us. We kept our cool; one thing I’ve learned as a missionary is to not contend with people, however if they need to be corrected it’s my duty to do it. So I corrected him. I told him we believe that we have priesthood authority, and that they don’t, and we are able to do sacred ordinances like baptisms and giving the gift of the Holy Ghost because that priesthood authority was restored, and we haven’t changed any priesthood ordinances like baptism and confirmation, like the Catholic Church has, and then he rebuked us. Ha! but it was funny because he doesn’t have any authority. So when he’s said “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" I just smiled and bore my testimony of the truthfulness of the Church. It was kind of sad really to see someone so important in one of the largest religions in the world, yet so powerless.
So that was fun!
Wednesday we met with Adulfo and wow that guy is incredible. He told us that he said goodbye to all his virgins and saints and idols because he found the true church. He’s blazing through the Book of Mormon. I’m pretty sure he’s in 2 Nephi already!
Thursday (Christmas Eve) was a bit hard. No one was home! But it gave me a lot of time to think about the savior and his birth and some similarities to his situation and ours. When Christ was born the only ones who were invited were a couple of lowly shepherds. No one else in and around Bethlehem knew the babe who would be their savior had been born. They were too busy just going about paying their taxes and doing their things. They didn’t even care. As my companion and I walked and walked and walked, I got thinking about that. We were going around trying to share the most important message ever and really no one cared. I got to feel a bit of what maybe Joseph and Mary were feeling, they went through a lot to bring the most important person into this world, but no one paid a lot of attention . . . . It was a great Christmas Eve, we ate some dinner with a family and then we broke a piñata!
Christmas Day was great because I got to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you all tons. I’m happy that you all had a great Christmas!
Sunday was great too! Adolfo came to church and absolutely loved it. He told the elders quorum president to announce his baptismal date (30th of January) we took some pictures with him after church too! (He’s the one closest to my companion. the one without the suit)
It was a great week. I love being a missionary and love and miss you all tons!
Elder Hunt


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