Sunday, January 31, 2016

Temple work and Pedicures

The awesomeness and the weirdness of the week matches the title . . . .
We found a family of 6! They’re really awesome and LOVE listening to us! We kicked it off really well with them when we contacted them in the park the week before. Within a couple minutes we were already laughing, and they easily gave us their address and we went over on Monday. The mom and dad are Maria and José Luis. They have 5 kids and 4 of them are baptism age! Were super excited to teach them. We’ve only been able to talk to them a bit about the restoration but haven’t finished it. They’re so great though.
Wednesday we saw Galaor and taught him about obedience and the word of wisdom. He’s a great kid and so willing to follow! But he can’t find time for church. We’re going to start including some of the priests in the ward to help us teach him. We finished the plan of salvation with Adolfo! He’s such a great guy! He tells us "thank you" like 400 times in every lesson! He even went to visit the temple with brother Sanchez (there’s a little room that’s inside the temple but a part of the temple that nonmembers can enter. There they can read scriptures and watch church movies and stuff. It’s pretty great)! Adolfo loved it and already wants to go to the temple and do family history work! I love the guy! He came to church with us on Sunday and like usual, loved it.
Friday, I got my ingrown toenail taken out. The doctor who did it in Comitan didn’t do a great job and so I’ve been suffering for about 4 months now, and now that I’m in civilization, I can have a foot doctor do it. So we went to the mall Friday afternoon to a place called "todo para sus pies" or translated, "all for your feet." You can probably imagine the look on everyone’s faces when two Mormon missionaries went inside and some American asks for a pedicure.

Anyway, I sat in the chair and took off my sock and when the lady saw how nasty my toe was, she was like, “do you want me to work on just the toe, or do you want me to do the whole foot?" I said just the ingrown toenail, but then she’s said "I’m going to charge you full price either way" so I was like, "ok, then all my toes please." So I got a pedicure! It was so weird and so awesome! I feel so much better!

Due to the fact that my infected toe was healing, we couldn’t go out and work but we did however get permission to go to the temple! It was incredible! I hadn’t gone for about a year and it felt so good to go through all over again!
I’m loving the mission! It’s hard and fun.There are disappointments and excitements. It really is the best 2 years.
Love, Elder Hunt

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